Welcome to the Web site of ITV Albatech Ltd.!

Our company, established in 1989, is a 100% Hungarian owned enterprise. During the  decades elapsed from foundation, we've been constantly under transformation both professionally and marketwise. Always driven by our persistent corporate spirit to exceed the expectation level of our business clients, we have gone through several company reorganizations. This is, as we believe, what we shall continue for the future as well in order to remain capable of answering the forthcoming unknown professional challenges in front of us.

Our mission to represent and deliver excellence for our business partners.

We ultimately believe that first-class-quality performance has never had and will never have any alternatives. Even in such a homogeneous market as the field of office products and stationery.

Our goal to bring evidence to our partners that beyond our mission slogan there's a strong dedication to contribute to their business success by transferring values via our products and services.

Have you already heard such kind of statements several times, from several companies? For sure.

Would you also like to experience it?

If so, please go through our Web site and take a journey with us in the World of stationery and office technology!

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