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"Hey folks, we've run out of sugar for coffee! Who fetches some from the nearby grocery?"

"Gawd! There's only 1 bottle of mineral water left on stock and the regional boss arrives next afternoon! There's nobody with company car in office... Who the hell will bring some stuff from the supermarket? It will end up in a huge scandal when the boss needs to drink!!!! What shall I do now?"

"At last! The head office approved to replace the old swivel-chairs with new ones and to buy two decent coat-stands for the reception. Great!!! Or,... rather: my odds and ends are more important than this furniture matter. Where the earth I could procure them quickly and reliably so that I could concentrate for the reports, expected for tomorrow's meeting?"

"The boss refused to install an air conditioner. In his opinion, this would be a damned expensive investment and - on the top of it - it would double the electricity bill! He said that if we're hot buy a stand-fun. Or two ones. He also has the same at home."

"It's very useful and works well" - as he says. "And they rather spend the price of an air conditioner on their summer vacation..."

"Eh, ... okay. A fan is much better than nothing. But where to run for it now? And the most of it: WHEN to go for chasing it since the reporting and the invoice mailing can not be delayed a second?"

Familiar office-life situations, aren't they?

If so, you need no talk about the value of a reliable partner in that scope!

If not so, we're glad to help you avoid getting to be familiar with such above situations!

The mission of this branch of us to help you or your colleague, responsible for procurement, solving these odds and ends, which inevitably arise during the daily operation of an office at any company or organization. When it's about:

  • representation consumables (coffee, tea, skimmings, mineral water, fruit juice, lump sugar, ...)
  • representation table-ware (glasses, cups, saucers, tea or coffee spoons, napkins, ...)
  • kitchen utensils (electric kettles, coffee-makers, toasters, microwave ovens, refrigerators, ...) 
  • hygienic or cleaning stuffs (toilet paper, kitchen cloth, dishwashing tools, liquid soap dispensers, buckets, sweepers, vacuum cleaners, ...)
  • meeting-room tables, filing cabinets,  catalogue stands, swivel-chairs, lockers, document cupboard, reception counters, ...)
  • coat stands, wall clocks, desk lamps, umbrella stands, vases, ...)

... and only for indication: we already supplied preserved plum, dishwasher, decoration balloons, fairy-tale books, marmalade and even canned goose liver ...

It would be a "mission impossible" to try listing up all the products, available in our range of supply. We're confident there's no such demand in the scope of company supply we would fail to deliver.

Don't you believe?

Please, give us a challenge!

Call our business representative or contact our customer service by phone or send an e-mail to

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