Office technology

Our office technology branch sells professional printers, photocopy devices and multifunctional office appliances. Which statement is - naturally - not true. Why? Because the sales of machines (any kind of machines) does not require the competence of ITV Albatech's colleagues. For that purpose it's completely enough to have a spectacular catalogue or a skillfully constructed Webshop - or both - in order to "boost-up the sales".

Our professional representatives do not sell office machines. They do deliver SOLUTIONS for our current and future business clients.

The solution of ITV Albatech - without exception - is based on the following set of criteria in regard of the recommended appliance:

  • the individual users' need,
  • the possibilities/limitations of local infrastructure,
  • the exact cost and/or quality requirements,
  • the expected output & operational parameters,
  • the importance of data management and data security aspects,
  • the CAPEX/OPEX possibilities of the client

 During our many decades' professional experience we frequently encountered cases when smart salesmen sold cost-an-arm-and-a-leg machines for such duties where the capacity and technical features of the equipment - in the absence of any particular operational need - had never been challenged by the end-user, even for a second.

On the contrary, we've witnessed lots of "Must win the project at any conditions!" cases where office equipment was sold at unbeatable, incredibly low price. Customers were entirely happy and satisfied with the deals. Until they started to use the printer... Naturally with an output volume of mass production. For a couple of months, only. Because after that the Client had to buy another printer. The one, which should have been bought for the first shot. Or the Purchaser had to look for a new job. Or both the latter.

Or everything was fitting perfectly: the office machine was cheap to buy, it worked smoothly at continuous heavy-duty. It only had one, slight negative feature: its operational cost digested half of the annual OPEX budget, designated for all the offices at the company...

Should you need a printer, photocopier or a multifunctional office device best fitting to your demands, please turn to us with confidence.

Call our professional representative or contact our customer service by phone or send an e-mail to

The expertise of ITV Albatech guarantees that the best SOLUTION will be delivered for you!

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